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I first fell in love with glass when I was ten years old. My mother took me to see a wonderful recital where the pianist was playing a glass piano. I was mesmerised by the way the piano shone and sparkled as it reflected the stage lights. I could never have imagined such a glamorous object. Ever since then, i have been fascinated by different types of glass. From stained glass panels to one-way mirrors, my eyes will always notice the glass fixtures in a room first. Recently, I ate at a restaurant in Japan where the entire floor was made of patterned glass. Needless to say, I was too excited to eat! This blog is for those who are looking for glass items and glass lovers like myself. I hope it gives you a peek into the wonderful world of glass and the options out there. Please tread carefully.


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Crystal Clear: A Blog About The Wonderful World Of Glass

Maintain the Flair of Your Kitchen Glass Splashbacks with These Effective Cleaning Tips

Your kitchen splashbacks are meant to protect your kitchen walls against spillages and splashes. There are several splashback materials that you can choose from, including tile, acrylic, and stainless steel among others. However, in terms of versatility, design, and aesthetic appeal, glass splashbacks often appeal the most to homeowners. In order to get the full advantage of your kitchen glass splashbacks, however, it's very important to ensure regular maintenance. The best way to do that is to have a regular cleaning schedule.

Clues to the Quality of Art Glass

If you are looking for something to add visual interest to your home, art glass is the way to go. While many pieces of art glass are functional, some of them may not be, and that's why you need to be very careful in your decision to invest in art glass in your home. Knowing the usability of each of these types is very important in choosing the perfect one for your home.

What to Do, and What to Avoid, When You Need Emergency Glass Repair

When there is a broken window or patio door wall at home or a broken pane of glass at the front of your commercial building, you want to call for emergency glass repair at once. This will ensure the glass is replaced as quickly as possible so your home or store is secure. While most emergency glass repair companies can come to your location within hours, even in the middle of the night, you want to know what to do in the meantime and especially if you have a very long wait.

Why a Glass Splashback is Better Than a Tiled One

Many people are torn between whether they should install a ceramic tile or glass splashback in their kitchen during a kitchen-remodeling project. This article discusses some of the reasons why you should choose a glass splashback for your kitchen. Less Chance of Microbes A kitchen should be as free from microorganisms (such as bacteria) as possible so that the food prepared does not compromise the health of family members. Glass splashbacks help to reduce the likelihood that bacteria will breed in your kitchen because the splashback is easy to clean.

Choosing The Best Glass Replacement For Your Office: The 2 Best Materials

Glass accidents occur all the time. If you are worried that you have a glass crack or a shatter in your office, keep calm. In most cases, particularly if your glass has shattered, the segment of broken glass needs to be completely replaced. Now, in your office environment, you will obviously want to have a modern yet sturdy glass that can withstand forces. In many cases, however, people tend to choose the basic annealed glass when looking to make repairs.

What gear to use when performing your own glass repair

Repairing glass windows is usually not the simplest form of home maintenance you can perform. In most cases the best solution is to get a professional glazier to perform the repairing for you. This is especially true if the damage is severe or if the window is placed in an awkward or hard to reach position. However, if you are confident that you can perform a glazier's work without damaging the window or yourself, it is possible to perform glass repair by yourself.

Cleaning and Protecting Your Shower Screen

Is finding a solution for the scum-, fog-, and water-stained glass of your shower screen a challenge? If so, don't worry! Your shower screen might be subject to the mineral deposits from your shampoo's chemicals, hard water, body oils, soaps, or harsh scrubbing with various toxic cleaners. Since untreated glass might be porous, it can easily absorb these minerals and make cleaning even more difficult. As such, you can easily create that magnificent ambiance when you step into your bathroom by following the following guidelines to clean and protect your shower screen.

Keeping Your Shower Screens Looking Like New: 3 Ways to Prevent Soap Scum

It's surprising how quickly soap scum can accumulate on shower screens, and make them look absolutely filthy. If you want to avoid spending an entire day scrubbing away at soap scum and hard water stains, here are 3 simple tips on how to keep these annoying messes at bay. Always Squeegee The Screens After a Shower Soap scum is the buildup of soap deposits once they have interacted with the minerals in hard water.

The Benefits of Aluminium Window Frames

Are the window frames in your home looking a little worse for wear? Before you upgrade them to a traditional wood or PVC option, you should consider the growing trend of aluminium window frames. Here are some of the benefits: Totally weather proof. If you need to invest in exterior window frames, it's particularly important to consider how your frames will hold up to the elements. With a natural material like wood, there are some problems you might encounter, such as warping, and mould and fungus growth when exposed to moisture.

Rookie's Guide to Windscreen Repair

Aside from allowing for visibility, a windscreen is a weather barrier that protects vehicle occupants from outside elements. While performing these important functions, windscreen damage becomes almost unavoidable. It is important for all car owners to know about windscreen repairs as they will probably need to have them performed at some point. Here is a useful primer on windscreen repairs for novice car owners. Why repair a damaged windscreen? Windscreen damage can occur abruptly.

Five Reasons Glass Splashbacks Are Superior to Other Décor Options

When designing or redecorating a kitchen, determining the material of the backsplash can be challenging. Glass, tile, wood… the possibilities are seemingly endless, and each one comes with a host of pros and cons. But which is superior? You can be the judge, but below are the five reasons why you should consider purchasing a glass splashback. 1. Easy to Clean No material is easier to clean than glass. A bit of spray cleaner and a rag are all that you need for a sleek, stain free look, and unlike tile, there is no grout to clean between or around.

Signs Your Window Glass Needs Attention

Many people are usually forced to replace the glass on their windows because they choose to overlook the telltale signs that the glass needs some attention. Here are some pointers you should look out to help prevent the glass on your windows from calling for early replacement or glass repair. Fogging                                        As double-glazed windows age, the gradually lose their ability to keep the seal that prevents moisture buildup airtight.