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I first fell in love with glass when I was ten years old. My mother took me to see a wonderful recital where the pianist was playing a glass piano. I was mesmerised by the way the piano shone and sparkled as it reflected the stage lights. I could never have imagined such a glamorous object. Ever since then, i have been fascinated by different types of glass. From stained glass panels to one-way mirrors, my eyes will always notice the glass fixtures in a room first. Recently, I ate at a restaurant in Japan where the entire floor was made of patterned glass. Needless to say, I was too excited to eat! This blog is for those who are looking for glass items and glass lovers like myself. I hope it gives you a peek into the wonderful world of glass and the options out there. Please tread carefully.


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Crystal Clear: A Blog About The Wonderful World Of Glass

Three Ways You Can Customise Your Shower Screens

by Ellen Jokinen

Shower screens are found in virtually every home across Australia, but most of them are pretty bland. While that is okay for people who don't really care that much, more than a few people wish there were better options available to suit their individual tastes. Luckily, there are a number of ways in which you can customise your shower screens to make them stand out or fit your overall aesthetic better. Here are three ways you can customise your shower screens so that your bathroom feels entirely unique and built to your own personal tastes.

Colour Change

Glass is very easy to tint, and you can find a whole range of different coloured glass shower screens out there. If you prefer plastic, then your options are virtually limitless for colours. Whether you want something more suitable, such as a chrome-grey or something very vibrant, like pink or yellow, it can be done. Some people used tinted glass windows as a way to create some privacy in more public or shared bathrooms. Whatever the case may be, your shower screen does not have to be completely invisible if you don't want it to be, the options are almost endless.

Frameless Shower Screens

If you have never had a frameless shower screen, then you are missing out on an intoxicating look that feels as if you have no barriers at all in your bathroom. Not only do frameless shower screens require less maintenance, but they also create the allusion that your bathroom could go on forever. These shower screens are not so much barriers as they are artistic installations as the way they bounce the light around is truly spectacular. These frameless shower screens are just as strong as those with borders, so don't worry about accidentally breaking them because you probably don't have the strength even if you tried!


Frosted patterns on shower screens never went out of style for many people. If you like a more textured shower screen that has some sort of pattern that you connect with, then there are still a wide variety of options that you can pick from. From diamonds to circles and raindrops to straight lines, there are dozens of patterns and each has its own unique flavour that might suit your bathroom better than you might think. It just takes a bit of time to sort through them all, so don't be discouraged and keep looking!