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I first fell in love with glass when I was ten years old. My mother took me to see a wonderful recital where the pianist was playing a glass piano. I was mesmerised by the way the piano shone and sparkled as it reflected the stage lights. I could never have imagined such a glamorous object. Ever since then, i have been fascinated by different types of glass. From stained glass panels to one-way mirrors, my eyes will always notice the glass fixtures in a room first. Recently, I ate at a restaurant in Japan where the entire floor was made of patterned glass. Needless to say, I was too excited to eat! This blog is for those who are looking for glass items and glass lovers like myself. I hope it gives you a peek into the wonderful world of glass and the options out there. Please tread carefully.


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Crystal Clear: A Blog About The Wonderful World Of Glass

Frameless Versus Fully Framed Glass Showers

by Ellen Jokinen

When it comes to installing a new glass shower, you may be undecided about whether to go with a framed or frameless design. Here is a rundown of these alternatives.

Fully Framed Showers

A fully framed shower features an aluminium frame that wraps around the edges of each glass screen. This framing helps steady the enclosure, though it uses toughened safety glass as regulated by building codes.

The metal edging blocks water from splashing onto the bathroom floor. Additionally, the frames can add to the overall decor of the bathroom. For example, use matte black metal edging rather than silver in a vintage bathroom. You'll typically save money by fitting a fully framed shower, which is more economical in terms of materials and installation. A framed model can use thinner glass while still complying with regulations than a frameless shower, thus reducing expenses. Fully framed enclosures are also typically easier and cheaper to install.

However, keep in mind that wholly framed screens are more difficult to clean since the metal borders create grooves that accumulate soap scum and mould. Furthermore, the framing can appear bulky and doesn't give the contemporary aesthetic of a frameless shower.

Frameless Showers

In frameless showers, robust yet simple hinges and brackets are used to connect the glass screens. Since there isn't as much metal edging to secure the shower, thicker safety glass is necessary.

With frameless shower screens, you can construct an infinite number of designs and arrange the screens in various combinations, such as a square, rectangular, or hexagon enclosure. The handles and hinges can be styled to match your décor. These hardware components are easy to wipe over since they only cover a small area of the glass. They don't extend around the edges of each glass screen like they do with a framed shower.

One of the most appealing features of a frameless design is the open, airy atmosphere it creates in the bathroom. The nearly undetectable screens allow other components, such as beautiful ceramic or travertine tiles, to shine through without being obstructed.

However, frameless showers are usually more costly than completely framed enclosures. They need thicker glass, which is more expensive. The installation expenses will also be greater since frameless models are more challenging to install. A middle option to consider is a semi-frameless design that features metal edging around the top and sides of the whole enclosure rather than each screen. 

Keep these options in mind as you look at shower screens