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Crystal Clear: A Blog About The Wonderful World Of Glass

I first fell in love with glass when I was ten years old. My mother took me to see a wonderful recital where the pianist was playing a glass piano. I was mesmerised by the way the piano shone and sparkled as it reflected the stage lights. I could never have imagined such a glamorous object. Ever since then, i have been fascinated by different types of glass. From stained glass panels to one-way mirrors, my eyes will always notice the glass fixtures in a room first. Recently, I ate at a restaurant in Japan where the entire floor was made of patterned glass. Needless to say, I was too excited to eat! This blog is for those who are looking for glass items and glass lovers like myself. I hope it gives you a peek into the wonderful world of glass and the options out there. Please tread carefully.


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Crystal Clear: A Blog About The Wonderful World Of Glass


Glass Replacement: Why It's Important and How to Do It

Glass windows and doors are an essential part of your home. They not only enhance the aesthetic beauty of your house but also play a crucial role in ensuring your safety and security. However, even the most durable and high-quality glass is not immune to damages caused by accidents or natural wear and tear. That's why you need to know the importance of timely glass replacement and how to do it.